sattelite fleet over earth

More bandwidth and throughput to satisfy every customer

Viasat’s high-capacity satellite systems are transforming satellite communications

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Fast service speed. Higher quality. Enhanced reliability.

Viasat’s satellite fleet is designed to grow with increased global broadband demand

We believe satellite is the most economical and sustainable way to serve billions of people with fast, high-value connectivity to promote digital inclusion, transform how people communicate and improve economic opportunities. Our satellite fleet includes high-capacity Ka-band, geostationary satellites and leases, and we work with industry partners to offer service on other satellites.

  • sattelite fleet: ViaSat-1
    ViaSat-1 satellite

    Launched in 2011, ViaSat-1 broke the record to become the highest-capacity satellite in the world.

  • satellite fleet: ViaSat-2
    ViaSat-2 satellite

    Launched in 2017, ViaSat-2 featured even higher capacity than ViaSat-1 and seven times the geographic coverage.

  • satellite fleet: ViaSat-3 Constellation
    ViaSat-3 constellation

    Viasat's upcoming Ka-band global constellation will vastly expand capacity and coverage